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Heart Shape Natural Konjac Facial Exfoliation Sponge 2-Pack

Heart Shape Natural Konjac Facial Exfoliation Sponge 2-Pack

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ūüĆä Environmentally¬†Friendly and Green¬†- Dive into a guilt-free bathing experience with our Unbleached Natural Caribbean Honeycomb Sea Sponge, harvested sustainably from the pristine waters of the Caribbean. Its natural harvesting process ensures minimal environmental impact, making it a perfect choice for environmentally¬†conscious consumers.

ūüćĮ Superior Softness and Absorption - Experience unparalleled softness and superior water absorption with our honeycomb sea sponge's unique texture. Ideal for gentle exfoliation, it's perfect for all skin types, including sensitive and baby skin, offering a luxurious lather with every use.

ūüĆŅ 100% Natural and Hypoallergenic - Embrace the purity of our 100% natural and hypoallergenic Caribbean sea sponge. Free from chemicals, synthetic fibers, and bleaching agents, it provides a safe and gentle cleansing experience, maintaining your skin's natural balance and glow.

ūüĒć Perfect Size for Versatile Use - Measuring between 3.5" and 4", our sea sponge is the perfect size for daily personal care, from face washing to showering and even applying makeup. Its compact size ensures easy handling and storage, making it an essential addition to your skincare routine.

ūüí° Long-Lasting and Easy to Care For - With proper care, our Unbleached Natural Caribbean Honeycomb Sea Sponge offers durability and longevity, outlasting synthetic alternatives. Simply rinse after each use and allow it to air dry to maintain its natural texture and effectiveness.


How to Use:

Before first use, soak the sea sponge in warm water for a few minutes to soften it and fully expand its natural fibers.

Apply a small amount of your favorite body wash or soap to the sponge and gently squeeze to create a rich lather.

Massage over the body with circular motions for gentle exfoliation and cleansing.

After use, rinse the sponge thoroughly with clean water, ensuring all soap is removed.


To disinfect, soak the sponge in a mixture of warm water and a tablespoon of white vinegar or baking soda for about 15 minutes once a week. Rinse it well afterward.

Avoid wringing out the sponge as it can damage its delicate structure. Instead, press it gently between your hands to remove excess water.

Hang the sponge in a well-ventilated area to air dry completely between uses to prevent mold and mildew buildup.

By adhering to these care instructions, your Caribbean Honeycomb Sea Sponge will continue to provide gentle and effective cleansing for months to come.

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