Upcycling and Recycling Old Down Pillows

Upcycling and Recycling Old Down Pillows

Do you have an old down feather pillow that's seen better days? Before you toss it out, consider the environmentally friendly options of upcycling and recycling. These creative approaches can give your pillow new life while reducing waste. In this blog post, we'll explore different ways you can repurpose your old down pillow and contribute to a more sustainable future.

1. Create Cozy Pet Beds: If you have furry companions at home, repurpose your old down pillow into a plush bed for your pets. Sew a simple pillowcase to encase the pillow, and voilà! You've created a comfortable sleeping spot for your cats or dogs. This not only reduces waste but also provides your pets with a cozy retreat.

2. Craft Comfy Floor Cushions: Transform your old down pillow into stylish and comfortable floor cushions. These cushions are perfect for creating extra seating in your living room, reading nook, or even in an outdoor space. You can cover them with fabric that matches your decor, making them both functional and visually appealing.

3. Support Your Garden: Gardening enthusiasts can repurpose old down pillows as a creative gardening tool. Use them as cushioning for your knees while you tend to your plants, or cut them up to create protective covers for delicate plants during colder months. The natural insulation of down feathers can help regulate soil temperature.

4. Donate to Animal Shelters: If your down pillow is still in decent condition, consider donating it to local animal shelters. Many shelters appreciate donations of pillows and bedding to provide comfort to the animals in their care. Before donating, make sure to check with the shelter to ensure they accept such items.

5. Support DIY Projects: Upcycling enthusiasts and crafters can use old down pillows as a source of high-quality fill for various projects. Whether you're making stuffed toys, quilts, or even reupholstering furniture, the down feathers can add a touch of luxury and comfort to your creations.

6. Recycle Responsibly: When your down pillow reaches the end of its usable life, consider recycling it responsibly. Check with your local recycling centers or textile recycling programs to see if they accept down pillows. Recycling helps prevent these pillows from ending up in landfills and allows the materials to be repurposed.

7. Consult with Manufacturers: Some manufacturers of down products offer take-back programs or recycling initiatives. Reach out to the manufacturer of your old pillow to inquire if they have any options for returning or recycling old products.


Don't let your old down feather pillow go to waste! Embrace the world of upcycling and recycling to give it a new purpose while contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle. Whether you're creating cozy pet beds, crafting floor cushions, or supporting DIY projects, there are numerous creative ways to repurpose your old pillow. By making conscious choices about the disposal of your down pillows, you're taking a step towards a greener and more eco-friendly future.

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